5 Healthy Pre-lunch Snacks for People with Diabetes


India is the country with the second highest number of people who suffer from diabetes. There are around 77 million people in the country who live with this condition. In diabetes, the body stops producing enough insulin. The function of this hormone is to promote the absorption of sugar from blood.

For diabetics, eating small portions at regular intervals becomes important to maintain blood sugar level. Here’re some pre-lunch healthy snacks that you can take in order to regulate the level of sugar in your blood.

Dry Fruits: Nuts like almonds, cashew, walnuts, peanuts along with seeds like sesame, pumpkin and flax can be eaten together as a snack before lunch. Diabetes is said to affect many organs of the body, one of them is heart. Almonds and walnuts are known to improve cardiovascular health.

Tomato salad: Before you get to lunchtime, one can eat tomato and coriander salad to fill the stomach. It is an easy to prepare dish with chopped tomatoes, coriander leaves, lemon juice and pepper powder.

Blend spinach and cabbage: Blend spinach and cabbage leaves with some water, however, drink the mixture without straining it. This way you will be able to retain the fibres from the vegetables. The texture will feel like that of a smoothie. They are low in carbohydrates and thus are diabetes friendly food.

Hummus with veggies: As a pre-meal snack, vegetables like carrots and cucumber can be eaten along with hummus. The dip hummus is prepared from two basic ingredients chickpeas and olive oil, both of which are not particularly harmful for those with diabetes.

Low glycemic index fruits: Seasonal fruits that are high in fibre should be consumed by those with diabetes. Fruits with low glycemic index are apples, oranges and pears and they can help you keep your blood sugar level under control.

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