Bastar Farmer becomes ‘Professor’, will teach Journalism in the Country’s top Institute


Professor Rajaram with farming, now will teach  ‘JIMMC’  ‘Agriculture and Rural Journalism’ to future journalists and researchers from India and abroad.

‘JIMMC’ is the only and top institute of its kind in the country, providing degree, diploma, Post-Graduation education in more than a dozen subjects including agriculture and rural-journalism.

Along with agricultural techniques, Dr. Tripathi is also rich in Literature and writing and has been associated with ‘agricultural and rural journalism’ and writing work for many decades; Has edited many newspapers and magazines; Dozens of big awards are in the name of his writing.

A big news that will increase the pride of Chhattisgarh is coming from Bastar. Dr. Rajaram Tripathi, a farmer from Kondagaon (Bastar) of Chhattisgarh, has been appointed “Professor” of the country’s leading institute “Jagran Institute of Management and Mass Communication” (JIMMC), renowned for higher education in “journalism and management”. It is noteworthy that this is the only internationally renowned institute of its kind in the country which provides degree, diploma, postgraduate and research facilities in more than a dozen subjects of journalism including ‘Agri-Journalism’ and ‘Rural Journalism’. It is located in Kanpur and Delhi Noida. This is considered to be the first and only institute in the country to provide postgraduate course education and degrees, especially in the subjects of agriculture-journalism and science communication. Here, students from all over the country and abroad come here not only from the country but also from abroad to get education in these unique and important subjects.

Actually, the name of Dr. Rajaram Tripathi, son of Chhattisgarh, born in the land of Bastar, needs no introduction in the country and the world. With B.Sc (Mathematics), LLB, MA in five subjects and Doctoral degree, Dr. Tripathi is considered to be the most educated farmer in the country. This farmer of Kondagaon, who has given many new profitable agricultural techniques and successful varieties of black pepper, Safed musli, stevia, Australian teak crops which give more production and profit to the country’s farmers in the last 30 years, has Many unprecedented records of success have been created, and Anchal and Not only the state but also the entire country has been made proud on the global stage.Recently, there has been a discussion in the entire country about him being given the country’s “Best Farmer Award” for the fifth time by the Central  Agriculture Minister Shri Narendra Singh Tomar.

But this time the discussion is completely different. In our country, there has been a tradition of considering farmers as illiterate or less educated. In such a situation, the appointment of this farmer of Bastar, considered to be the most backward region of the country, as a “Professor” of the country’s leading institute “Jagran Institute of Management and Mass Communication” (JIMMC), which is famous for higher education in journalism and management, is unique. And should be seen as a revolutionary step Used to be. The management of JIMMC organization definitely deserves congratulations for this unique initiative. Director of JIMMC, Dr. considered the country’s pioneer of agricultural and rural journalism Upendranath Pandey says that along with continuous innovation in agriculture, Dr. Tripathi, who is also rich in pen, has been deeply associated with rural and agricultural journalism since college days. He is the country’s first line columnist on these subjects. He has traveled to about three dozen countries and has done a detailed ground study of the agricultural system, agricultural problems and global marketing system of those countries. Dozens of prestigious awards are under his pen name. JIMMC (Jagran Institute off Management & Maas Communication) wants to pass on the benefits of this specialized knowledge and ground experiences of Dr. Tripathi to its students. That’s why we proposed them to join our organization. Dr. Tripathi also believes that it is necessary for the upcoming generation of journalists to understand the real India i.e. 70% of the villages of the country and the basic business of the country, agriculture and agriculture related enterprises. That is why they have accepted our request. Now, along with farming, Dr. Tripathi will, from time to time, teach agricultural and rural journalism to future journalists and journalism researchers from India and abroad and guide them in higher courses in agriculture and rural journalism. Not only the farmers of Chhattisgarh but the entire Chhattisgarh is proud of this good news of the appointment of a farmer from Bastar Chhattisgarh as a ‘Professor’ in the number one institute of the country.


Vivek Kumar

Maa Danteshwari Herbal Group


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