Dr. Rajaram nominated as Board Member of Country,s leading “University”.


How did the cattle grazer of Darbha (Jheeram-Ghat) become a Board member of one of the best Universities of the country?

Rajaram will now teach the tricks of Organic farming to the students and researchers of the country’s number one university.

Bastar’s innovative farmer-scientist Dr. Rajaram Tripathi has once again made not only Bastar Kondagaon but the entire Chhattisgarh state proud. Recently, this Bastaria farmer received the highest grading of (A+) by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) of the University Grants Commission (UGC), the Board of Galgotias University, the country’s leading University. Today more than 25000 twenty five thousand students get education in this university, which is famous in the country and abroad for its special educational quality. Dr. Tripathi has been given a place in the Board of Agricultural Studies, giving the status of ‘Agriculture-Expert’ in the Board. Dr. Tripathi’s lectures will also be organized from time to time for the students of B.Sc., M.Sc. and researchers of the university. Dr. Tripathi is the first farmer of the state to receive this honor.

Infamous for the mass Naxal killing of Congress leaders in his childhood, Rajaram, who used to graze cows, bulls and buffaloes in Kaknar, a very backward village of Darbha development block in Jheeram-Valley, the country’s highest leader, came out of the jungles of Bastar. Struggle to board the quality university The saga is as thrilling as film fiction and as incredible as fairy-tales.Till the age of 20, he continued his studies while living in the village, doing farming, grazing cows and buffaloes in the forests. That process of reading continues unabated even today. Today Dr. Tripathi is known as the most educated farmer of the country with B.Sc, LLB and post graduate degree in five different subjects as well as doctorate degree in different subjects.

Now this farmer of Kondagaon Bastar does not need any introduction. This farmer scientist was recently given the country’s Best Farmer award by the country’s Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar. Dr. Tripathi is the first farmer in the country to receive the Best Farmer award for the fifth time from the Agriculture Minister of the country. Although he has received hundreds of national and international awards so far, but this time he has received this prestigious honor from one acre ‘vertical’ plant by planting black pepper vines on Australian teak trees in a one acre “Natural Green House” prepared for the famous one and a half lakh rupees. Up to 50 acres through ‘Farming’ Awarded for successful use of production.It was due to his constant dedication and hard work that a very cheap, versatile natural, 100% successful alternative to one acre ‘poly-house’ costing about 40 lakhs was prepared and shown in just ‘one to one and a half lakh rupees’.On the one hand, Rajaram Tripathi has created history by producing a better black pepper crop than Kerala in Bastar of Chhattisgarh, giving all the well-known agricultural experts wrong; proved helpful in improving the condition of the farmers oare happening, His cultivation of black pepper in Kondagaon of Bastar is the center of discussion across the country, while the stories of his production of white musli are being narrated in Chhattisgarh assembly.

Dr., who is always doing new successful experiments regarding organic farming Tripathi has given farmers across the country a weapon to increase their income manifold without any government effort by training them in this. The echo of his efforts reached the ears of the governments late, but people from many countries of the world are continuously reaching Kondagaon of Bastar to see his innovations, model of organic farming and efforts to empower the tribals. With the ‘Maa Danteshwari Herbal Group’ established by him, now the second generation of his family is also sweating shoulder to shoulder. His daughter Apurva Tripathi, who is leading this young generation, has earned the title of a trusted global brand through the brand “MD Botanicals”, a range of pure certified organic herbs, spices, and excellent food products grown here in association with tribal women groups of Bastar. have achieved, this Bastaria products are now trending on Amazon and Flipkart. Apart from farming, Dr. Rajaram Tripathi’s work for the preservation of tribal dialect, language and their culture makes him a distinct identity across the country.

Through the tribal concern magazine ‘Kaksaad’, published for the past decade, the extinction of tribals in Chhattisgarh Language, culture and priceless accumulated over the centuries are taking placeIt would not be an exaggeration to call Rajaram Tripathi, a walking flag bearer of folk culture, tirelessly engaged in the work of preserving and enhancing traditional knowledge. With this achievement of Dr. Tripathi, the pride of not only Kondagaon Bastar but entire Chhattisgarh has increased.


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