The book “Duniya In Dinon” by Dr. Rajaram Tripathi was released


Dedicated ‘Duniya In Dinon’ to the tribal communities of the world including Bastar,

This book is unique in many ways and a must read: Rahul Singh Senior Writer,
It is my good fortune to be born in Bastar, if there is anything good in me, then I have got it from the tribal society of Bastar only: Dr. Rajaram Tripathi,

Senior litterateur Janab Shahab Akhtar is doing the translation of the book in Urdu,
The first copy of the book was presented to senior thinker, respected scholar, litterateur and senior journalist Gulab Kothari ji,

Special contribution of Kusumlata Singh and the entire team of her publication ‘Little bird’ in the publication of the book,

Dr. Rajaram Tripathi’s book ‘Duniya In Dinon’ was released in a grand literary program organized at ‘Chhattisgarh Hindi Literature Festival’ and ’20th National Book Fair’ at BTI Ground, Shankar Nagar, Raipur, yesterday evening. The main seed statement about the dedicated book was read by the country’s renowned litterateur Rahul Singh. Country’s famous poet Azhar Iqbal, President of Chhattisgarh Sahitya Mandal, senior writer Acharya Amarnath Tyagi, senior poet and satirist Surendra Rawal, country’s well-known filmmaker, artist Santosh Jain, senior journalist PC Rath, social worker Mohan Chopra, Shipra Tripathi, Apurva Tripathi and The chief convenor of the program concluded with the lotuses of litterateur Nagendra Dubey and Honorable Sameena Khan While reading the seed statement first, senior litterateur Rahul Singh said that I finished this book in a meeting this morning itself, because without reading the entire book can be praised, but fair criticism is not possible. In the seventy-two articles of this book, in the current scenario, the tribal society, their endangered traditions, our festivals and Teej festivals wear out day by day, increasing environmental imbalance, climate change, etc. Along with global contemplation on various contemporary issues, as well as local burning issues like dying Indravati and drying up Chitrakoot Serious contemplation can be seen regarding the concern of water fall, lost folk literature and vanishing traditional knowledge accumulated over the centuries, their causes and their possible solutions.

Along with the variety of subjects, if we talk about the language of the book, then I believe that such clean Hindi is being seen less nowadays. Another remarkable thing in this whole book is that despite the frank and meaningful writing on various burning issues, all the articles are balanced and completely fair, there is no inclination towards any particular political ideology, urge or partiality. In this era of present compulsion to connect with various maths, mahants and sects, such an impartial writing is certainly praiseworthy. There is a repetition of themes here and there in the book, and this shortcoming could have been overcome by tighter editing, since basically each article is written as an independent editorial, so the reason for this error can be understood. Could Overall, a writer who considers it his good fortune to be born in Bastar, this book written by him covering various topics of tribal concerns and global thinking must be welcomed in the Sudhi reader community of Hindi.

Speaking about his new book, Dr. Tripathi said that it is my good fortune to be born in Bastar. If there is anything good in me, I have definitely got it from my tribal society of Bastar, and therefore this book is dedicated to the tribal communities of the world including Bastar Further, he said that Kusumlata Singh and the entire team of her publication Little Bird have contributed a lot in shaping these articles into a great book. I have presented the first copy of the book to Gulab Kothari ji, a senior thinker, respected scholar, writer and senior journalist of our country, and this book is being translated into Urdu by senior writer Janab Shahab Akhtar.

The successful operation and thanksgiving of this grand and dignified entire program was done by Mr. Nagendra Dubey, the chief coordinator of the Chhattisgarh Literature Festival and the National Book Fair in the world.


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