Dr. Rajaram honored by the tribal community in ‘Hirlabundi Mata’ Jatra-ceremony on 7th Feb


To be honored by the hands of the tribal society for the upliftment of which he gave his whole life, is the moment of greatest pride in life.

The Jatra-ceremony of ‘Hirlabundi Mata’ takes place amidst dense forests, where thousands of tribal devotees gather,

Forests, trees, plants and animals are the companions of the Mother Goddess of Village, Mother will be happy to protect them: Dr. Tripathi,

The village goddess of Chikhalputi and the worship goddess of the region, “Hirlabundi Mata” in the annual Jatra Puja ceremony, last evening on February 7, by community leaders, sarpanch and people’s representatives of the tribal communities of the region, and this year by Dr. Rajaram Tripathi was honored. Dr. Tripathi, through the organization “Maa Danteshwari Herbal Group” established by him, for the last several decades, providing employment to the tribal community of Chikhalputi and surrounding villages in his herbal farm throughout the year, providing free training in organic farming and herbal cultivation, Agricultural innovations, environmental protection and He was specially honored with Shawl and Shreefal for various works of social service being done continuously and for bringing fame to his village Chikhalputi district Kondagaon and state Chhattisgarh in the country and abroad. Along with this, Anurag Kumar, representing “Maa Danteshwari Herbal Group”, was also honored with shawl.

It is worth mentioning that “Hirlabundi Mata”, also known as ‘Kanakdei’ Mata, is the universally adored village goddess sitting in the dense forest of Chikalputi village of Kondagaon, Bastar. Obviously, if she is the goddess of the forest dwellers, then her abode would be in the forests only. Although it is not very far from the district headquarters, but it is not at all easy to reach Mata’s place. Firstly, there is no path in the forest, just like the magic of Devkinandan Khatri, there are many labyrinths of trails. But from the point of view of the convenience of the devotees, a workable way is made by the devotees of the village to reach the Mata Mandir to participate in this Jatra festival which is held once in a year. Marks are also made with both and lime, otherwise it is sure to go astray in the forest. In the name of the temple, there is only a thatch of grass, under which the mother is sitting. Obviously, except for this one week of Jatra Puja, then 360 days of the rest of the year, the mother lives in the open sky in the middle of this forest, playing with wind, water and rain in the open nature complex with her fellow trees, plants and animals. Are.

One day in a year, their special Jatra-worship takes place. This year, on Tuesday, 7th February, on the occasion of Jatra festival of village goddess, on this occasion, “Maa Danteshwari Herbal Group” by the village’s mother priest Kachru Sodhi and Ganyata Puran Sodhi, “Mata Hiralabundi” to continue these works of social service with success. Special worship was done and blessings were given. On the occasion of Jatra Puja and felicitation ceremony, Kachru Sodhi (priest), Puran Sodhi (Gayanta), Balkishan ji (representative of village Patel), Vijay Sodhi (Sarpanch), Roopchand Netam, Pait Bhoyar, Ratan Sodhi, Bhagat Sonwani, Sureram, Nehru Korram, Hansraj Sodhi, Santu Dehari, President of Sampada Samaj Sevi Sansthan Jasmati Netam, Anurag Tripathi MD of Maa Danteshwari Herbal Group, Shankar Nag, Krishna Netam, Mango Netam along with hundreds of devotees from nearby villages of the tribal community were present.

On this occasion, Dr. Tripathi has said that it is our prayer that the blessings of “Hirlabundi Mata” remain on all the devotees including Chikhalputi village, Kondagaon district of Chhattisgarh. May our tribal community continue to flourish by his grace, and the foundation of their life, may their remaining forests also survive, and continue to flourish… Because I do not think that without this natural forest, without those hundreds of species of trees and plants, which have been companions and companions of Goddess’s loneliness for centuries, Mother “Hirlabundi” will be able to remain happy. And my little understanding says that, to get his continuous grace, his continuous happiness is definitely necessary. He further said that thanks to the grace of the soil of Bastar, the blessings of the elders, along with his family members and his hardworking colleagues of ‘Maa Danteshwari Group’, he has received hundreds of awards and honors in the country and abroad. But for the upliftment of the tribal society for which he devoted his whole life, it is a matter of greatest pride for him to be honored by him among them. This honor will give him the inspiration and energy to do more and better work for his tribal community.


Shankar Nag
Maa Danteshwari Herbal Group 


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