Bastaria farmers also mobilized on the front of “MSP”


MSP Morcha,s -National Spokesperson Dr.Rajaram Tripathi is holding vigorous meetings in Bastar & CG

“Fasal Hamari Dam Tumhara will no longer work” & “No MSP guarantee- No Vote”, slogans are echoing now even in Bastar,

One,Who will give ‘MSP Guarantee Act’ will get “Vote and Support of the farmers” Dr Tripathi

The tribal farmers of Bastar, the country’s most backward region, have also started mobilizing for the decades-old demand of a beneficial “Minimum Support Price Guarantee Act” for farmers’ products. Big meetings are being held on the issue of necessity of Minimum Support Price (MSP) among the farmers of Kondagaon and Bastar districts. Remarkable fact is that a large number of regional tribal farmers are also participating in these meetings.
“MSP Guarantee-Kisan Morcha” prepared by 223 major farmer organizations in Delhi for their one-point demand for minimum support price guarantee, under the chairmanship of the country’s senior farmer leader and national president Sardar VM Singh, these days regarding the MSP in the whole country.Farmers are running an awareness campaigns.*The slogan of MSP Guarantee Front “Gaon Gaon MSP-Ghar-Ghar MSP” and “Fasal Hamari Daam Tumhaara-Ab Nahi Chalega Nahi Chalega” has slowly started burning in every village of the country. On this 13 th December Krishak Maha-sammelan was organized by this front in Raipur in which about 25 leading farmers of the state participated in the presence of country’s senior farmer leader and national president of the front Sardar VM Singh, national spokesperson of the front Dr. Rajaram Tripathi and senior farmer leader Raju Shetty. Active farmer organizationsHad participated and all unitedly took the initiative to take the front’s single-point mission “MSP for every Crop-MSP for every Farmer” to every villages every farmer.
In the same vein, in the last week of 2022, a large number of progressive farmers of Kondagaon and Jagdalpur districts organized several meetings on the call of MSP front in Kondagaon. A big meeting of local farmers was held in Kondagaon on this Sunday Dr. Rajaram Tripathi, National Convener of All India Farmers Federation (AIFA) and National Spokesperson of Minimum Support Price Guarantee Kisan Morcha, was the main speaker of the meeting. It was presided over by social worker and former district president and progressive farmer Jano Bai. First of all, he said that even 2022 is over, but the government’s promise of doubling the income of the farmers of the country by 2022 has proved to be completely false and just a jumla. If the governments only cheat the food giver farmers of their country, then where and how will the farmers of the country get justice? Further, Dr. Tripathi explained in detail why and how the “guarantee of MSP” has become life-giving breath for the farmers in today’s situation. He said that the farmers of the country are facing a loss of about 7 lakh crores every year due to not getting their proper ‘minimum support price’ for the products of the farmers. If the government brings a competent law to give us a remunerative price for our products, then the farmers will never need such agricultural grants and loan waivers, every farmer will be prosperous by getting the right price for his hard earned money. . India was called the Golden Bird in history, so we should not forget that it was made by the farmers of this country. If the farmers of the country will get the guarantee of getting remunerative price of their products through an efficient law, then this country will again become a golden bird in a few years on the basis of the sweat and hard work of the farmers. Dr.Tripathi gave his new slogan in the meeting” MS Guarantee Nahi to Vote Nahi” said that our this front is completely non-political but in this country’s 70 percent of the population is either from farmer families or from farming Connected directly or indirectly. That’s why these political parties and the representatives of their governments, who form the government with our votes, should now understand very well that the farmers of the country have now decided that the “vote and support of the farmers” will now be given only to those who give their votes to the farmers. The remunerative support price of products will be guaranteed through law.

Meeting of farmers was also addrey by Jano Bai Markam. District President, Patel Lachhu Ram ji, progressive farmers Santu Ram, Puran Singh Sori etc. The progressive farmers of different villages participating in the meeting have decided to organize continuous meetings on this issue in their villages as well. He DrTripathi that as far as possible he should also take the trouble to attend these village meetings, and help in making all the farmers aware on this important issue and connecting them with the goal of the front. Tripathi said that in the first two weeks of the beginning of the new year, he would hold a meeting of farmers in South India on this issue. After the second week, the farmers of this region will also get some time off from farming and barn work, so this time will be suitable for this work. It is certain that the issue of ‘Minimum Support Price’ guarantee is going to heat up more in the coming days and farmers will not accept their decades-old pending demand without fulfilling it.

By Vivek Kumar for Dr. Rajaram Tripathi 
National Spokesperson: MSC Guarantee-Kisan Morcha,
National Convenor: All India Farmers Federation (AIFA)


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