Rajyotsav’s happiness doubled as Country’s first Swaminathan India Agribusiness Award-2022 Awarded to “Central Herbal Agro Marketing Federation” (CHAMF) of Chhattisgarh,


“CHAMF” was born twenty years ago in Chhattisgarh itself, Dr. Rajaram Tripathi of Bastar is its founding member and Chairman”

The Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India recognized CHAMF as a National organization of organic/herbal farmers in the year 2005.

Today the largest Organization of Organic farmers of the country is “CHAMF”, lakhs of farmers of the country are taking advantage of it,

15 member high powered jury headed by Dr Ramesh Chanda member NITI Aayog announced the Awardees

The country’s First Top Award in the category of Agriculture and Development of Medicinal and Aromatic plants went to “Central Herbal Agro Marketing Federation of India (CHAMF) of Chhattisgarh,

These awards will be given in Pusha Delhi on November 9-10 under the aegis of top institutions like Indian Agriculture and Food Council, Indian Ministry of Agriculture

Haryana will get the Best Agriculture-State Award and the Bijnor district of Rajasthan has been selected for the award for the best Agriculture District of the country,

The final list of winners of the country’s first * Swaminathan India Agribusiness Awards-2022 has been announced. After the conclusion of the 15-member high powered jury meeting held in New Delhi last evening under the chairmanship of Dr. Ramesh Chand, member NITI Aayog, the 15 categories of the country’s first “Swaminathan India Agribusiness Awards 2022″* were finally selected. The name has been announced. This top award in the category of Agriculture and Development of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants has been announced to be conferred on “Central Herbal Agro Marketing Federation of India (CHAMF). CHAMF is primarily a non-profit organization of farmers of organic medicinal and aromatic plants, which works on the principle of cooperative. It was formally launched in the year 2002 from Chhattisgarh. Since the last two decades, this organization has been continuously engaged in the development, expansion, innovation, training, development of high quality seeds and planting material bank for farmers by farmers all over the country. The most important function of this organization is to provide a strong common marketing platform to the organic products grown by its member farmers. So that farmers cultivating organic herbs, aromatic plants, spices can get the right price for their agricultural products and they can be saved from the exploitation of middlemen and market forces. At present, about 34000 organic farmers from 16 states of the country are directly associated with this organization, and lakhs of farmers of the country are benefiting from its organic awareness and highly profitable agricultural extension programs. In view of the importance of its nationwide work, the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India recognized this institution as the National Association of Organic Farmers in 2005. Today it is the country’s largest organization of organic herbal farmers of its kind. Any farmer of the country can connect to their website www.chamf.org and get free information about medicinal, aromatic and highly profitable farming and marketing of their products. It is a matter of special pleasure for Bastar and Chhattisgarh that this national organization selected for the award was started by Dr. Rajaram Tripathi, a farmer of Kondagaon Bastar, Chhattisgarh. Dr. Tripathi started it with very limited resources with farmer companions on his fist in view of the many difficulties of herbal cultivation and mainly in its marketing. After 20 years, the same small institution has turned into a huge banyan tree. Since this institution was born from Bastar in Chhattisgarh, the announcement of giving this top award to the chamf has created great joy among the members of CHAMF India spread across the country as well as the people of Chhattisgarh and Bastar in particular. Along with this, congratulatory messages are also coming to them from abroad.
In the meeting of the jury held under the chairmanship of Dr. Ramesh Chand member ‘NITI Aayog’, honorable member of the jury, Mr. Ashish Bahuguna, former Agriculture Secretary, Mr. VK Piparsenia, former Chief Secretary, Assam, Dr. S. Ayyappan, Chairman, Karnataka Technology Commission and former Director General ICAR, Dr. Vibha Dhawan, Director General TERI, Mr. Siraj Choudhary, President NCML, Dr. RS Dixit Ash, Dr. HP Singh, President CHAI and former DDG ICAR, Dr. PK Joshi, Economist, Mr. KC Ravi, Chairman Crop life India, Dr. Nutan Kaushik, DG AG Amity University, Sriraju Kapoor, Director, FMC, Mr. Rajveer Rathi VP Bayer, Mr. RL Tamak CEO DCM Shriram, Shri DK Tyagi CEO Farmgate, and Ms. Mamta Jain CEO ATG participated, and the country’s *First Swaminathan India Agribusiness Award-2022 to be given under the aegis of prestigious institutions like Indian Agriculture and Food Council, Indian Ministry of Agriculture etc. *Finally selected for Names duly announced.Apart from ‘CHAMF’, other categories of awards include Haryana state as a leading state for agricultural development, Andhra Pradesh State Seed Development Corporation Limited for improved seeds, Orissa Co-operative Bank for agricultural financing, Shaktiman Agro for agricultural machinery. Anand Dairy in delay industry, for agricultural development, This award will be given to ITC Limited and also to Bijnor district of Rajasthan for best agriculture district of the country, The awards will be presented by eminent personalities of the country during Agroworld-2022 in a grand international event organized at Shinde Auditorium of “Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)” in New Delhi on 9th and 10th November.
Dr. Rajaram Tripathi
Central Herbal Agro Marketing Federation of India (CHAMF)


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