More than one lakh people directly connected with “Kisan-Mahabithka”



Farmer leaders from across the state and thousands of farmers gathered in “Mahabithka-Mahasamund”, farmer leaders from across the country will gather again in Delhi on November 10.

Declaration of Minimum Support Price is like Sadvakya or Subhashitani written on the wall, it is not doing any good to the farmers, law is necessary on this,

Legal guarantee of Minimum Support Price is very important for all the production of farmers :- Dr. Rajaram Tripathi 

Farmers incur losses of 7 to 10 lakh crores every year, due to lack of binding law for purchase on Minimum Support Price,

Under the banner of Chhattisgarh Kisan Mazdoor Federation, on the topic * Farmers, the present condition of agriculture and why the need for guarantee of Minimum Support Price for all agricultural produce* * Organized Kisan Mahabaithka on October 21, Friday in Krishi Upaj Mandi courtyard, Mahasamund. . The program was presided over by Chhattisgarh Mukti Morcha President and former Dundilohara MLA Janaklal Thakur ji, The keynote speaker of the program was Dr. Rajaram Tripathi, National Convener of “All India Farmers Federation (IIFA)”. The welcome statement was made by Chhattisgarh Kisan Mazdoor Federation’s convener Mandal member Tejram Vidroh ji i and District Panchayat member Mahasamund Jageshwar Jugnu Chandrakar ji. Tejram told the gathering that it was Dr Rajaramji Tripathi who not only told the country about the flaws of the three agricultural laws first in the country but also explained it to all the farmer leaders of the country who were delusional to welcome these laws. Were were It was then that the farmers’ movement arose and finally the farmers got a historic victory in this, Dr. Rajaram Tripathi and Chhattisgarh have played a very big role in this. It is noteworthy that Tejram and leaders were among those farmer leaders of Chhattisgarh who, along with their team, stood on the border of Delhi the whole time.

Dr. Rajaram Tripathi on the condition and direction of Agriculture and why is it necessary to have a legal guarantee of “Minimum Support Price for all crops?Speaking on the subject, he said that the governments talk a lot about the farmers to get the votes of the farmers, but the real reality is that these governments have never been farmer oriented, they have always treated the farmers step-motherly. Be it the state or the central government, it should follow its subjects like a mother without discrimination. But it is unfortunate that the condition of the farmer remains like an orphan for the last 75 years, despite the state and central governments. The farmer has always been troubled by the various problems of farming, but his blood and sweat earnings, the mass open loot of his production every year in the market has broken the back of the farmer, and he is suffocating, Breathing is breaking. Therefore, before the country’s agriculture and farmers die, “Minimum Support Price Guarantee Act” is necessary like oxygen or life force to save the lives of agriculture and farmers. He said that the central government only fixes or declares the minimum support price for 28 types of agricultural produce, which is just like a policy sentence or subhashitani written on the wall, which the trader or buyer is not bound to follow. First of all, the government’s policy of fixing the price is anti-farmer.And then the crops whose price is also fixed, only 7 to 10 percent of the total production is bought at the fixed price, the remaining 90 to 93 percent of the production is looted in the markets every year, which farmers get 25 to 30 percent every year. Selling at a loss. Due to this, farmers are incurring a loss of 7 to 10 lakh crores every year. This means that due to lack of MSP guarantee law, farmers are facing a loss of at least 7 lakh crores every year. Therefore, along with cereals, pulses, oilseed crops, milk, fruit vegetables, spices, medicinal crops, all those crops which the farmer produces with his hard work and cost, legal guarantee of buying them all at a remunerative minimum support price is very necessary. . Whether it is central or state governments, now everyone has to understand that, now the life of farmers is “Minimum Support Price Guarantee Act” !!! Any further delay in giving it will be a disaster.

Ballesingh Thakur, President, District Farmers Association, Balod, Pawan Saxena, Farmer Fraternity, Ajay Kumar Sahu, Farmers Payment Sangharsh Samiti Sankara, Laxmi Narayan Chandrakar President, Smt. Sharda Srivastava Vice President, Chhattisgarh Agent Investor Welfare Association, Pawan Chandrakar, Pankaj Chandrakar, Farmer Payment StruggleSamiti Mahasamund, Shyam Murat Kaushik, We the people of India, Bilaspur, Girdhar Patel, Spokesperson of Indian Farmers Union Chhattisgarh, Madan Lal Sahu, Vice President, All India Revolutionary Kisan Sabha Chhattisgarh, Bhai Parasnath Sahu, Gajendra Kosle, Smt. Chandrakanti Sagar, Smt. Santoshi Sahu Board of Directors, Padma Netam Adivasi IndiaMahasabha, Nawab Jilani Chhattisgarh Mukti Morcha, Lallu Singh District Farmers Union Raigarh, Loknath Nayak Kisan Sangharsh Samiti Kasdol Balodabazar, Palwinder Singh Pannu, Harinder Singh Sandhu Sikh Organization Gurdwara Committee Raipur, Chhannu Kosare Capital Affected Kisan Sangharsh Samiti Naya Raipur, Yogesh Chandrakar, Tameshwar Sahu etcaddressed.Almost all the prominent farmer leaders of the state participated in the program. Despite the busyness of Diwali festival and agricultural work, thousands of farmers gathered at the meeting place. A new experiment was done in this meeting with the aim of connecting the common people with the problems of agriculture and farmers and the need of “Minimum Support Price Guarantee Act”, which was very successful. The entire program was directly connected to this program through adequate arrangement of sound amplifiers at all the squares and public places of the city. The whole city listened carefully to the entire proceedings of this Kisan-Mahabithka program of the farmers and understood the plight of the farmers. People gathered in all the squares, shops and hotels of the city, listening carefully to the entire proceedings of the farmer-sitting and discussing it. Everyone may have been busy in their own work, but their ears were only towards the proceedings going on in the farmers’ meeting.

Tejram Vidrohi and Jageshwar Jugnu Chandrakar expressed their gratitude and said that to make this event a success, all of you directly or indirectly supported us with open mind and free hands, for which we are wholeheartedly grateful to all of you. At the same time, we apologize to all of you for those things or behaviors that have hurt you knowingly or unknowingly. This event was organized with a public interest, in which 28 points related to the subjects of public interest were discussed seriously. On the same subject, another general meeting of farmer leaders is going to be held in Delhi on November 10, in which Chhattisgarh will also play an active role. In this meeting, all the farmer leaders unanimously prepared a blueprint for the future strategy to implement this law at the earliest.

Tejram Vidrohi 
Coordinator: Kisan-Mahabithka,


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