Farmer leader Dr Rajaram wrote an open letter to Prime Minister on his birthday & asked for “MSP Guarantee Act” as “Return-Gift”


Date: 17 September 2022

Location: Secretariat, Kondagaon, AIFA


Honorable Shri Narendra Modi ji,

Prime Minister Government of India,

South Block, New Delhi-110001


Respected Prime Minister,


Today, on the occasion of your birthday, on behalf of crores and crores of us farmers, hearty congratulations and best wishes. May you live long and serve India and the whole world for eternity, this is the true heartfelt feeling of all of us.

Hon’ble, on this important holy day of today, on behalf of all the farmers of this country, we sincerely request that, *All India Farmers Federation (AIFA) is a federation of 45 big Farmer Organizations of the country, that is, a common platform. Has been working for farmers for a long time and is a member of MSP Guarantee Kisan Morcha. In the year 2011, when you were the Chief Minister of Gujarat, being the chairman of the Consumer Affairs Committee, you had requested the then Prime Minister Shri Manmohan Singh to make a law of MSP guarantee to implement the recommendations of the committee. Today when you are the Prime Minister, it’s our earnest request that why don’t you solve this matter forever by implementing the same recommendations and giving MSP guarantee law to the farmers of the country.

Hon’ble, the country has not yet emerged from the crisis of Corona, the economy of the country is getting weaker day by day. In this situation, if the ‘MSP Guarantee Act’ is implemented, so that when every kind of grain, fruit, vegetable, milk and every produce produced by the farmer will get the payment of reasonable price / money under the MSP guarantee, then the farmer on every one acre, he will get at least ten thousand rupees more. Its country’s designation the farmer is suffering from scarcity and the needy farmer does not keep his money in the bank nor at home, he makes necessary purchases directly from the market. So by this at least 3-4 lakh crore rupees will come in the market additionally, then this will improve the economic system of the country due to the boom in the market and strongly in the direction of achieving the target of 5 trillion economy laid by you. Will get stronger. With all due regards, we request you to make an announcement on your birthday today, please save agriculture from loss deals by making MSP guarantee law as soon as possible. So that the coming generation of farmers can get assured livelihood. Today the youth in our village do not want to do agriculture, honorable government is not giving MSP law to us farmers, but MSP (Minimum Selling Price) for industrialists is implemented legally. For example, the government declares the MSP of sugar due to the fake losses of the sugar mills, which is Rs 31 per kg today and when the price of sugar in the international market was Rs 25-26 per kg even then it is less than Rs 31 in the country. Sugar could not be sold.

Honorable you will remember that when the government allowed capitalists to trade in petroleum products, it had given protection to Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum etc. government companies that Reliance Refinery would not sell diesel and petrol for less than Indian Oil etc. Dear Sir, when the government can give protection of MSP to private sugar mills and can also give protection to government petroleum companies, then why can’t they give protection to the farmers who formed your government by making MSP guarantee law.

Hon’ble, we are requesting you to announce the ‘MSP Guarantee Act’ for all grains, vegetables, fruits and milk etc., on the occasion of your birthday, and make it mandatory for the progress of the villages and the country. We all firmly believe that if you bring this ‘MSP Guarantee’ law, then the coming generations of the country and farmers will always remember you for this noble act.


Dr. Rajaram Tripathi

National Convenor All India Farmers Federation (AIFA)

(Federation of 45 farmer organizations of the country)

Mobile 9425258105


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