Tragic Saga of ‘Adarsh Gram Yojana’, 




   Could not spend such huge amount of Rs 1,723 crore of development fund, Honorable MPs, who always shed crocodile tears for lack of funds,


Schemes are lying incomplete in the village adopted by the Hon’ble Prime Minister, work has not even started in one-fourth of the schemes.


In 1909, Mahatma Gandhi had envisioned the idea of ideal village aka Aadarsh-Gram in his book Hind Swaraj, dozens of such schemes came but the picture of the villages did not change.


With 6.50 Six and a half lakh villages, even today this country is a country of villages and farmers, but the villages now want to become a city as soon as possible without any delay.

• On October 1, 2014, “Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana” was also announced like most other government schemes with full frills drums. Full-page advertisements were printed in newspapers with adorable designer color photographs of the Prime Minister. For many days on TV channels, the Bhat Charan ganas glorified this great epoch-making action plan in unison. The scheme was called the “Blueprint of Inclusive Development”. Started on 8th April 2015. According to the official website, ‘Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana’ (SAGY) encourages the MPs of both the Houses of Parliament to identify at least one village in their constituency and develop them as a model village by 2016. If you read the objectives of the great plan, you will be hypnotized. Here is a description of its objectives:-

• To accelerate the processes of leadership for the overall development of Gram Panchayats.

• To substantially improve the quality and standard of living and quality of life of all sections.

• To do all round development of Panchayat and village so that other villages and Panchayats take inspiration.

• To develop selected model villages as centers of local development which can train other Gram Panchayats. And… * Improve infrastructure. * Higher productivity. * Increase human development. * Better livelihood opportunities. * Reducing inequalities. *Acquisition of rights and entitlements. * Widespread social mobility and * Increase in rich social capital, etc. That is, everything so that even the most developed cities should be jealous of these villages. It feels great to read and write.



How much impact did this great intention of the Prime Minister and this supreme inspiration of Parliament have on our honorable MPs? To what extent did this scheme come to fruition in the country? How much did the rural people of the country and rural India benefit from this blueprint of inclusive development? After 8 eight years have passed since the implementation of the scheme, today it is the duty of every voter of this country, every citizen of this country to find answers to these questions, investigate and if proper answers are not found, it is also the duty of every citizen of this country. Right too.

Whether in the country or abroad, India has always been called the country of farmers of villages. According to the latest available government information, there are 6 lakh, 49 thousand 4 hundred 81 villages i.e. about six and a half lakh villages in our country. Take a look at this poem by the great poet Sumitranandan Pant, depicting “Gramvasini” Bharat Mata:-

Mother India


Shyamal is spread in the fields

Dusty muddy aanchal,

Tears water in Ganga Yamuna,

Clay statue


Daily studded apalak nat chitwan,

Eternal noiseless weeping in the balance,

The mind dissipating from the tama of the ages,

He in his house


In these lines, the poignant depiction of the plight of Mother India and the villages of India in slave India before independence, even after 75 years of independence, no special change is visible in this picture. If this is not the misfortune of this unfortunate country celebrating the nectar of independence, then what is?

In 2014, when the Prime Minister announced this new scheme, through all the gimmicks and advertisements, an attempt was made to establish that this is some Eureka Eureka type innovative revolutionary thinking, but in reality it is not so. This is not a new quirky idea or a new plan. The concept of “Adarsh Gram” was first conceptualized by Mahatma Gandhi in his book “Hind Swaraj” in 1909, long before independence. It is unfortunate that Gandhiji’s ideals have been talked about a lot, even today Gandhiji’s ideals are called upon every day, but we have not been able to build the village of Gandhi’s dreams till date.

Similarly, in the year 2009-10 also, a scheme for overall development of villages was brought “Pradhan Mantri Adarsh Gram Yojana” (PMAGY). In this scheme, such villages were to be selected where the number of scheduled castes is more than 50 percent. Since the Constitution has given the right of social, economic and political equality to all the citizens of the country, its main objective was to bring these classes on an equal level in the society. About 16 thousand villages of 18 states were selected, an amount of 21 lakh rupees was also made for each village If we talk about the purpose and goals of this scheme, then in this plan, in total 13 points, so many good schemes of rural development have been mentioned, that if all the schemes were implemented 100%, the villages would be better than heaven. And humans refuse to go to heaven only in the villages of India Better to stay. Similarly, many such attractive schemes were made from time to time, such as Lohia Gram Yojana, Ambedkar Gram Yojana and Gandhi Gram Yojana, Atal Adarsh Gram Yojana Uttarakhand etc. Did, showed dreams, gathered votes, formed their respective governments, but neither. The fate of the villages changed and neither did their picture. Why shouldn’t this question be asked to the then governments, whether even after a decade of this scheme, we have been able to bring these classes to the level of equality, and if we are not able to do so, then who is to blame for it and for what? Should there be a provision for punishment?*

It is not that the villages have not changed. Many changes are visible in the villages. Bikes have been replaced by motorcycles in the village. The houses of the Panch Sarpanches have become paved, four wheelers can also be seen in their houses. Whether it is available or not, but mobile and TV are among the essential necessities of every household. Along with unlimited commissions, pucca buildings of panchayat hospitals, schools are also being built, but these poor quality buildings neither have qualified teachers, nor regular doctors, nor adequate medicines. Wherever the roads were built, even that uncontrolled commission has been taken away by the python of Khori. At some places, in the name of development, the already running hospitals in the villages were renamed as “wellness centers”, but the ground reality of these hospital cum wellness centers was exposed by Corona to the world. Was. But there is also a lot that has not changed even today, such as there are no drains in the villages, and where there are few unpaved ones, even today, the drains are still running like before. As before, the kingdom of dirt and mosquitoes, diseases continues even today. Cases of fights and fights for inch by inch of land are going on even today. Even today, the intelligent and clever people of the village get ready as soon as they wake up in the morning and approach the court offices, offices. Barring exceptions, most of the rural youth who wear jeans pants are strictly averse to the trouble of soil, mud, cow dung, cow dung, farm barn, just like the educated civilized people. The young son of the farmer, instead of cultivating his father’s 4 acres of land, is busy selling his 2 acres of land and paying a bribe of that amount and is engaged in the job of a peon in the city. Villages now want to become cities as soon as possible without delay, at any cost.

The children of the convent living in big cities, sometimes forget tingly, when their uncle Tau comes to the villages, often ask this question that * when Amul and Mother Dairy are giving such good milk, then you people are not able to buy milk in the villages. Why are these cow-buffalo dung made of cow urine as dirt,* and this stench an How do you guys live well among mosquitoes? Under the same scheme, Jayapur, a village with a population of 2974, located 25 and twenty-five kilometers away from Banaras, was adopted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself. Jayapur is situated at a distance of 25 kms from Banaras. There must have been many direct or indirect reasons for the selection of this village. The name Jayapur, which inspired the victory, can also be a reason, although it is said that this village has been the stronghold of the Sangh from the beginning, this can also be a natural reason for the final seal on it. In the news itself, we heard that about 300 years old Mahua tree is being preserved in this village, on the other hand, millions of trees of the country’s thousands of years old forests rich in biological diversity have been cut ruthlessly just because Going so that these political parties and leaders get fat election Illegal precious mineral wealth from the mines taken on lease by big donor companies can be removed and sold as soon as possible.

If we talk about Modi’s Prime Minister Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana Part One-2014 and Part Two-2021, then according to the data available on the website of Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana 2021, 2314 Gram Panchayats have been selected under this scheme. Even in this village adopted by the Prime Minister, even after so many years, work on one fourth of the projects has not started (as of 9 October 2021). And if the work is done, then congratulations to the villagers.

In the form of a grain of rice handi, if we talk about Jharkhand, then under the Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana, a total of 89 panchayats have been selected by the state’s MPs so far. A total of 5230 schemes were approved. Out of which 2065 schemes are said to be pending. Various shortcomings and shortcomings are being exposed at every level in the schemes on which work is said to have been done. More or less the same situation can be said of the villages of 2314 gram panchayats selected by the entire 800 MPs.


It is not that there is any problem of lack of funds or money behind the non-completion of this scheme. This is the only scheme in the country, for which there is no problem of funds to complete it. Funds are available in many ways to complete the development work under the Adarsh Sansad Gram Yojana. These include Indira Awas, PM Gramin Sadak Yojana and MNREGA. Apart from this, the Local Area Development Fund (MPLAD) available to the MPs is also helpful in completing the programme. In April this month, the government informed a committee of Parliament that an amount of Rs 1,723 crore of the Local Area Development Fund could not be spent by the honorable former MPs. If it is not called cannabis in the well, then what else will it be called? Just imagine… the honorable MP who promises to serve you while asking for votes with folded hands, after winning, he does not even have time to spend the amount received for your service in a proper way even in 5 years. .



PM Modi showed dreams of changing the fortunes of villages from Red Fort, MPs also made big promises by adopting villages. But today, even after a lapse of eight years, let alone “inclusive development” in many such adopted villages, the general plans in these villages have not been able to reach well till today, while craving for proper education, health, and employment and basic necessities.

The thing to think about is that when this is the condition of the villages adopted by the Honorable Prime Minister and Honorable MPs of the country, then talking about the inclusive development of 6.5 and six and a half lakh villages of the rest of the country, and asking questions is meaningless. And it’s useless.

To say that we are celebrating the nectar festival of independence, but in the name of shining the face of “Village-resident Bharat Mata” in the name of shining the face of “Village-resident Bharat Mata”, the superficial coloring exercise done through various names, lack of sufficient political will. And because of widespread corruption, instead of polishing the facespoiled even more. It would not be wrong to say that, neither the honorable MPs are taking enough interest in this Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana of the Prime Minister, nor is any bird named Adarsh visible in these schemes far and wide. This is the reason that neither the condition of the villages of India is changing due to this, nor the picture of Pant ji’s sad India Mata.


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