“Krishi Moolam Jagat Sarvam i.e Agriculture is the root of the whole world” ” Via “MSP Committee” sad gimmick



The great glory of agriculture and farmers has been sung in the oriental speech of our country.
In the original text ‘Krishi Parashar’ composed by a sage named Parashar, he has written “Kridardhanya Krishirmedhya Jantunam Jeevanam Krishi”.
That is, agriculture provides wealth and knowledge, agriculture itself and the basis of human life. Chanakya means Kautilya who is also recognized as Vishnugupta. He wrote Arthashastra, a treatise on economic policy, state craft and war strategy. His quotes still show the way to the society. In the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita also, it has been given the first place in the life activities, giving the highest importance to agriculture. It has been said that, “Krishi Moolam Jagat Sarvam- Agriculture is the root of the world”. An agricultural university has made it a motto.
A proverb is very famous in our country about farming,
“Excellent farming, medium ban, poor chakri begging diagnosis”
In view of the present condition of farming, and the incidents of suicides of lakhs of farmers in the country today, even if someone agrees with what has been said in this age-old proverb, but there will be hardly anyone who is not familiar with this proverb. Are.
For the last several centuries, India has been considered as an agricultural country. Farmers have been given the status of Annadata in this country. If this country was called the golden bird in the world, then behind it behind the then prosperous Indian international trade, the axis of almost all tradable products was the strong force of the then farming and self-sufficient farmers. Now the question arises that what happened after all, or what such sins have been committed by the farmers of the country, that they are forced to commit suicide. After all, why are the names of the food donors not ending. Most of the farming has become a loss-making deal. The new generation of farmer families are now running towards small and big cities to find employment other than farming. It is not that the governments have not made any efforts to improve the condition of agriculture and farmers, many new schemes have also been made, but the situation is that, as the combination of medicines increased. In recent times, the condition of the farmers of the country has become very deplorable. It would not be unreasonable to say that the agriculture of the country and majority of the farmers are lying in ICU. The last two and a half years have been lost to the coronavirus and agitation. However, even in these difficult circumstances, the farmers did not let the wheel of farming stop, and even when the whole country was lurking in their homes, everyone was fed. But the weather and the unaccounted restrictions of Corona created thousands of difficulties between the farmers’ farm to the market, due to which all the small and big farmers have suffered huge losses. The agricultural commodities market of the country never did justice to the blood and sweat earnings of the farmers and they never got a fair price for their products. After the historic long agitation of angry farmers over the three controversial laws brought without consultation with the farmers, the government reluctantly withdrew all the three laws, but giving the whole issue to the government, adding its defeat and victory, made it a question of its nose. . At the time of the withdrawal of the movement, there was talk of forming a committee to bring a law on the Minimum Support Price. But like many other occasions, this time too the government went straight back from its promise. The Agriculture Minister even said in a recent statement that there was no talk of bringing a law on Minimum Support Price to the farmers, but to make the system of Minimum Support Price more effective and transparent. Ask these sirs that if your system of Minimum Support Price was not effective and transparent, then what were you people peeling in the last 8 years.
It is understood from this that the government does not intend to give minimum support price to the farmers under any circumstances. The government, in fact, is unable to digest its defeat on the issue of withdrawal of all three laws, is angry with the farmers and seems to be in a mood to take its revenge. It is said that even the burning of milk drinks buttermilk, farmer’s organizations are also apprehensive about the government’s intentions due to the previous anti-farmer activities of the government, so along with the announcement of the formation of the Farmer’s Organization Committee, the government’s decision on seeing its nature got the intention. This is the reason that all the farmers’ organizations, who are really fighting for the interests of the farmers, cut off from this committee. The United Kisan Morcha also refused to participate in it. IIFA, the national federation of more than 40 farmer organizations of the country, has called this committee formed on MSP as “dukhantika nautanki”. Dr. Rajaram Tripathi, national convener of All India Farmers Federation (IIFA), says that in reality the intention of the government is not to give MSP to the farmers. If the intention of the government was to give reasonable MSP to all the farmers, then instead of playing committee like this, the government would have brought a competent law on MSP. It is worth noting that recently a committee has been constituted by the government on MSP, almost all the members of this 29-member committee are either people involved in the government, or are salaried officers from the government, or pocket organizations from the ruling party. The people are, or are eligible for, the government’s favor and include people from beneficiary companies Huh.

The history of these people is well known to the farmers of the country. Therefore, they cannot be expected to think honestly about the interests of the farmers. Most of the people involved in this committee used to stand in the government court during the time of the farmers movement, cursing the agitating farmers by drinking water, saying good and bad, and acting like an advocate on behalf of the government about those black laws, defending the government. In front of farmers, media and public. It is also worth mentioning that while sprinkling salt on the burn wounds of farmers’ organizations, the government has made the same committee chairman Sanjay Agarwal, under whose leadership the three pro-corporate laws were drafted. The thing to understand is that, after all, whose salary or honorarium is given by the government, how can they be expected to go against the government for the benefit of the farmers? Another important fact is that this committee has been deliberately authorized to deviate from the original goal, along with minimum support price, to consider such controversial issues of organic farming, zero budget etc., in which no solution will ever be found. It is obvious that in this economic era, when the unfortunate farmer who commits suicide, leave farming in “zero budget”, he does not even get death. For that too the poor man has to go to the market and buy poisonous chemical medicine to drink. In such a situation, zero budget farming is just a gimmick to mislead the farmers. It is also a significant fact that today every country is making tremendous short-term and long-term investment in agriculture to strengthen its agriculture sector, while our agricultural country is playing the rattle of so called “zero budget” while discouraging investment in agriculture. Is.
If we talk about the minimum support price fixation, it is believed that the “Agriculture Price Cost Commission” calculates the cost by adding all the expenses incurred in the cultivation of different crops, although this estimate is always much less than the actual agricultural cost, so farmers Despite getting ‘Minimum Support Price’, the deficit in agricultureit happens.The thing to understand is that when this government’s zero budget formula is used for farming, then the cost of farming will be zero. That is, farming will be done in zero budget i.e. zero cost, in total, whatever production is done in agriculture without costing 1 tk, it should be considered as a hundred taka profit of the farmer. Only this government can give such a bright color without applying asafetida alum. This means that neither farming has to be done on this unapproved zero budget, nor is there any benefit from it, nor the farmers have to be given the right support price, nor any decision has to be taken on these issues. It is easy to read this writing written on the wall that neither farmers have to get MSP from this committee, nor do they have to get MSP guarantee law. Now the question of lakh taka arises that when farmers neither have to give MSP nor MSP guarantee law, then why this committee has been constituted. In fact, this is a politically strategic move deliberately taken to mislead the farmers of the country in view of the coming elections.
Through this step, the government wants to give this message to the farmers that, loji, we have made a committee for your MSP by working very hard, now be happy and sing our praisesAnd these farmer organizations of yours are stupid and foolish and obstinate, who are not participating in this committee formed in your interest, we wanted to give your MSP but this farmer organization is not allowing you to give MSP, obstinate are putting. The government is hopeful that by getting caught in this illusion, perhaps the farmers will vote them blindly. Like many times in the past, this time too the government is making the mistake of mistaking the farming community of the country as a complete fool.
Circumstances have changed, the government’s color has been completely exposed. Farmers are beginning to understand that the true fact is that the government does not really want to give MSP to the farmers of the country. Because this will put a burden on the coffers of their favorite traders, who buy the produce of billions of trillions of farmers every year at throwaway prices. The government seems determined to protect the treasury of those selected traders.IIFA and fellow farmers’ organizations had clearly told the government that you are bringing new laws day by day anyway, so please bring a law to the farmers on MSP, in which it is mentioned directly. That if anyone buys the produce of farmers at a price less than the minimum support price, then heIt would be a crime by law.On this issue, the government constantly tells this white lie that the government does not have enough money to buy the entire product of the governments and farmers at the minimum support price. We do not even say that the government should buy all the products of the farmers. If the government needs it, then buy it or else don’t buy even a single grain from the farmers. Anyway, whatever the government buys from the farmers, it is often done only on the support price, so there will be no additional financial burden on the government if the MSP law is brought. Yes, the government has to implement only this law that whatever company, institution or trader buys the goods of farmers, then the government should just ensure that, in any case, these purchases from the farmers should not be done at less than the minimum support price. It is a simple matter that in such purchases, the traders will have to pay the minimum support price to the farmers, not even ₹ 1 extra will be spent in this from the government treasury. Yes, the traders will definitely have to open their mouth a little more for the farmers.
But with the formation of this nautanki committee, the face of the farmer friendly mask of the government has now completely fallen. Obviously, they are dedicated to protecting the interests of the selected big traders at the cost of the farmers of the country, and perhaps that is why they do not want the pockets of their favorite traders to be loose. Now the question remains about the gimmick created in the name of this committee, it is clear that no non-trust farmer organization will even think of joining it. There is no place in this committee for those who sincerely think for the interests of the farmers, as Rahim has written that “Kahu Rahim kaise nibhai, ber ker ko sang? This committee, full of government babus and people from friendly organizations of the ruling party, can only think about the interests of the government’s favorite businessmen. Anyway, in our country it is said that you make a committee for the problem which is not to be solved, then make another committee to investigate what that committee did, then to evaluate the work of those two committees. Make another committee for it.
It would not be completely wrong to say that this committee is only a pretend nautanki committee made to get benefits in the upcoming elections. Our fair assessment is that, the farmers of the country will eventually get hurt from this Nautanki Committee, hence it is called “Dukhantika Nautanki”. From any angle, this committee does not appear to be a committee formed to get fair and just minimum support price to the farmers. As soon as this committee is constituted, looking at its nature, its members and its various objectives other than its MSP, it becomes clear that ultimately the farmers will not get anything from this committee, MSP to the farmers.
It is also worth mentioning that when the three agricultural laws withdrawn by the government were initially welcomed by some farmers’ organizations, confused by the confusion spread by the state media, the All India Farmers Federation (IIFA) was the first to approve the three agricultural laws. Alerting the farmers of the country about the dangerous provisions Initiated their widespread protest and called a virtual meeting of the country’s leading farmer leaders including Rakesh Tikait, it was IIFA’s Dr. Rajaram Tripathi who opened the layers of agricultural laws point by point and placed them in front of all the organizations. And explained how these laws are designed only for the preferred corporate. Once the farmer leaders understood the whole thing, the story after that is recorded in history.
IIFA is also fighting a long battle over the MSP law required for farmers. In the past, the country’s well-known senior farmer leaders VM Singh, Raju Shetty from Maharashtra, Rampal Jat from Rajasthan, Jaskaran Singh, convener of Punjab, Sanjay Kumar from Himachal Pradesh, Yawar Mir from Jammu and Kashmir, Sanjay Thakur from Jharkhand, Bihar From Chhote Lal Srivastava, Jagadish Reddy from Andhra Pradesh, from Tamil NaduPalani Appan, Sardul Singh from Gujarat, Jaswinder Singh Virk, Kuldeep Singh Daundhar from Punjab, Jagbir Ghasola from Haryana, Sandeep Kumar Shastri from Delhi, Avneet Panwar from Uttarakhand, Commander Shangpaling from Northeast, Alphond Barth, Atheena Chohai and National Convener of IIFA Dr. About 200 people of the country including Rajaram Tripathi Veteran farmer leaders* held frequent meetings in Delhi and unanimously formed a “National MSP Guarantee Front”* to bring MSP legislation for all agricultural products of the country under a “one-point program”. * “Janajagaran Abhiyan”* is being run vigorously by them in village-village for MSP guarantee law in all the states of the country. In this context, on the next 6-7 and 8 October, all the farmer leaders and leading farmer groups of the country are going to gather in Delhi* In this three-day general conference, the direction and condition of agriculture of every state of the country and the national framework of “MSP Guarantee Front” will be decided. The government has to understand that the government employees are not going to be deceived by this “Dukhantika Nautanki” committee of artists. Before the farmers of the country dismiss this committee, the government should go ahead and take meaningful initiative and take urgent concrete steps in this direction after discussing with the farmers’ organizations of the country. It is the right of the farmers to get the full Minimum Support Price (MSP) for their production, and farmers should get this right at any cost. This government, which cried five scholars on the matter, should also understand the implications of the Sanskrit verses of Kautilya’s Arthashastra, and should also explain to his favorite Dhankubers;
“Attached Benefit, Gained Preservation”
That is, to get what is not received, to preserve what has been gained and to distribute what has been preserved on the basis of equality. Now the thing to be seen is that when this government, which claims to emulate oriental culture and knowledge, along with its preservation, does proper justice to the farmers’ community of this country, always revered, respected and protected in ancient times.


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