Committee on MSP is nothing but. a “Dukhantika Nautanki” or a Tragic Drama


Said Dr. Rajaram Tripathi, National Convener of All India Farmers Federation (AIFA).


AIFA out rightly rejected Govt,s Committee on MSP


Terming the committee formed by the Central Government on the MSP Minimum Support Price, National Convenor of All India Farmers Federation (IIFA), Dr. Rajaram Tripathi said, If the intention of the government was pios to give MSP, then instead of playing committee card like this, the government would have brought a law on MSP.


It is worth noting that recently a committee on MSP has been constituted by the government, explaining about which Dr. Rajaram Tripathi said that almost all the members included in this 29-member committee are either people involved in the government or salaried officers from the government,, Or people from pocket organizations from the ruling party or the government’s beneficiary people and companies. The history of these people is well known to all of us. They cannot be expected to think about the interests of the farmers. Most of the people involved in this committee used to curse the farmers during the time of the farmers movement, and acting like an advocate on behalf of the government about those disputed Black laws, defending the government in front of the farmers and the public. Dr. Rajaram Tripathi further said that the chairman of this committee SanjayAgarwal, under whose leadership the three black laws were drafted, which the farmers of the country opposed and after that they had to be withdrawn by the government. After all, whose salary or honorarium is given by the government, how can they be expected to go against and fight with government for the benefit of the farmers? The true fact is that this government really does not want to give us MSP. Because we had clearly told the government that you are bringing new laws day by day anyway, so please the farmers, you should also bring at least a law on MSP, that the farmers’ produce should be purchased less than the minimum support price. If anyone buys anywhere at the less prices, should be a crime by law. But this government seems to be completely dedicated to big businessmen, and perhaps that is why this government does not want the government’s favorite businessmen to loose their pockets. Now the question remains about the gimmick created in the name of this committee, no any real farmer organization will ever be involved in this. Because this committee, full of people from government and ruling party’s friendly organizations, can only think about the interests of the government’s favorite businessmen, can never think about the interest of the farmers. Anyway, in our country it is said that you make a committee to solve a problem, then make another committee to investigate what that committee did and how it’s not solved yet, then to evaluate the work of those two committees, make another committee. This committee is just a Drama made to get benefits in the upcoming elections . Due to this nautanki committee, the farmers will eventually get hurt, that’s why we have called it *”Dukhantika Nautanki or a tragic Drama”*. This is not at all a committee formed to get the farmers a fair and just minimum support price. As soon as this committee is formed, looking at its nature, its members and its various disputed objectives like Zero budget, it becomes clear that this committee is not a committee to provide MSP to the farmers and nothing will be achieved by it.

It is also worth mentioning that in the beginning, when some confused farmers’ organizations were welcoming the three agricultural laws withdrawn by the government, it was the All India Farmers Federation (AIFA) that first alerted the farmers of the country about the dangerous provisions of the three agricultural laws. While initiating their widespread protest On behalf of AIFA, Dr. Rajaram Tripathi had opened every layer of agricultural laws. Then everyone came to know about the reality that under the guise of farmers, these agricultural laws have been brought to benefit the favorite big traders, which will break the backbone of the farmers. Similarly, AIFA has been fighting for a long time for the MSP law to ensure the farmers get a fair price for their produce. Recently, the National Convener of AIFA regarding MSP * Dr. Rajaram Tripathi, the country’s well-known senior farmer leader VM Singh, Raju Shetty from Maharashtra, Rampal Jat from Rajasthan, Jaskaran Singh, MSP Guarantee Morcha Convener of Punjab, Sanjay Kumar from Himachal Pradesh, Jammu Yawar Mir from Kashmir, Sanjay Thakur from Jharkhand, Chhote Lal from BiharSrivastava, Jagdish Reddy from Andhra Pradesh, Palani Appan from Tamil Nadu, Sardul Singh from Gujarat, Jaswinder Singh Virk from Punjab, Jagbir Ghasola from Haryana, Sandeep Kumar Shastri from Delhi, Avneet Panwar from Uttarakhand, Commander Shangpaling, Alphond Barth, Athena Chohai from Northeast Including about 200 veteran farmers of the countryLeaders* held frequent meetings in Delhi and under “one-point program”* *”National MSP Guarantee Morcha “* was formed to bring MSP law for all agricultural products of the country and for all states of the country. * “Janajagaran Abhiyan”* is being run vigorously for MSP in village-villageln this context, on the next 6-7 and 8 October, all the farmer leaders and leading farmer groups of the country will gather in Delhi. It has been decided that if there is a need for a nationwide movement to bring a law on MSP, then that movement will also be done certainly. The government should understand that we are * not going to be deceived by this “Dukhantika Nautanki or Tragic Drama” committee of government employees and beneficiaries. *AIFA out rightly rejects this Committee on MSP* The government is deliberately pushing the farmers towards the another final movement. Therefore, we will soon meet all the farmers’ organizations and make the next strategy and intensify the movement. It is the right of the farmers to get the justified Minimum Support Price (MSP) for their productions, and the farmers will certainly going take their rights !!*


Vivek Kumar

All India Farmers Federation (IIFA)


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