“Kaksaad Award -2022” conferred to renowned filmmaker Amit Mukhopadhyay


Interviewed Dr. Rajaram Tripathi, Bhupesh Tiwari and Teeju Ram Baghel for the Documentary film of the State,

Astonished to see the dense crops of black pepper, white musli, stevia in Bastar Kondagaon;

Will come again to Bastar to make a film on Kondagaon’s Herbal cultivation and Ethno Medico Forest for National/ International Film Festival,

Noted filmmaker Amit Mukhopadhyay was honored with the Kaksaad Samman at a simple ceremony held at Maa Danteshwari Herbal Complex today. It is noteworthy that Amit Mukhopadhyay, a well-known filmmaker of the country, is these days engaged in documentary work of tribal art culture literature of Chhattisgarh and especially Bastar. In this connection, along with cinematographer Vikram Mandal, on Monday, he reached the editorial office of Kondagaon in Kakasad, a popular National magazine published from Delhi dedicated to tribal concerns. He took a long interview of Dr. Rajaram Tripathi, the head of Tribal Research and Welfare Foundation (TRWF) and editor of Kakasad magazine, about the art, culture, dialect language of the tribes of Bastar and the cultivation method of the famous medicinal plants here. On the second day, he visited the fields, inspected, photographed and documented the various types of cultivation being done by Maa Danteshwari Herbal Group in collaboration with local tribal families. Apart from this, he has created “Rare Vanaushadhi Udyan- Ethano Medico Forest ” of Chikhalputi village in collaboration with SAMPDA Samaj Seva Sansthan for the conservation of rare and endangered forest drugs marked in the Red Data Book of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). (Ethno Medico Herbal Garden)done inspection.It is worth mentioning that here more than 340 types of flora and rare local species have been continuously discovered, collected and collected for the last 30 years, conservation, promotion and promotion are being done in their natural habitat.

To get information about the soil craftsmanship of Bastar, he visited the fellow institute, met the sculptor Ashok Chakradhar and also interviewed the eminent social worker Bhupesh Tiwari ji, the head of the fellow organization. Apart from this, he also inspected the workshop of President’s Award winning iron craftsman Mr. Teeju Ram Baghel and also interviewed him. Amit Mukhopadhyay is known for making many excellent documentaries and films on the art and culture of tribal areas and other subjects in many states of the country.

For the important work being done by him to take the art and culture of Bastar to the country and abroad, he received “Kasaad Samman” from Dr. Rajaram Tripathi under the joint aegis of Tribal Research and Welfare Foundation, SAMPDA Samaj Sevi Sansthan and Kakasad Patrika.

Amit Mukhopadhyay and cinematographer Vikram Mandal were honoured with shawl and shriphal by Shipra Tripathi, general secretary of SAMPDA Social Service Institute. At the end of the program, copies of the latest July issue of Kaksaad magazine were also warmly presented to all the guests. In the cartoon Amit Mukhopadhyay, while praising the art and culture of Bastar, said that I am surprised to see the multilevel jungle model of black pepper, sweet basil ie stevia and different types of herbal cultivation being done here. I will be back soon again to film the unique herbal cultivation happening here, these innovations in farming and the forest of rare herbs created by Dr. Rajaram Tripathi. On this occasion Anurag Kumar of Maa Danteshwari Herbal Group, Shipra Tripathi of Sampada Samaj Sevi Sansthan and Jasmati Netam, Krishna Kumar Pateria, Balai Chakraborty, Shankarnag, Krishna Netam, Shyamvati, Shanirin Bhai, Phool Bai, Munni Bai of Maa Danteshwari Herbal Group including Groups and Estates Social Service Organizations Most of the Groups Prominent members were present.


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