Dr. Rajaram Tripathi honored with “Mama Baleshwar Dayal-National Award” in Delhi


At “Gandhi Peace Foundation”, ITO, New ‘Mama Baleshwar in Delhi Dr Rajaram Tripathi of Chhattisgarh Kondagaon was honored with Dayal Award-2022.The country’s eminent personalities from the literary world and media world attended this grand national function. Apart from Dr. Rajaram Tripathi, seven selected dignitaries of the country in the field of literature and journalism, Jaiprakash Pandey India Today / Aaj Tak, senior journalists Trilok Deep Singh, Bhanu Prakash Rana Farm and Food, Alka Singh Doordarshan News Reader, Gyanendra Rawat, Environmentalist, And honored Jagdish Piyush ji to be done.


Who is “Mama Baleshwar Dayal”?

Today’s generation may not know that Baleshwar Dayal ji (10 March 1905 – 26 December 1998) was such a great social worker and a truly selfless politician of this country. He is remembered for his works among the Bhil tribes in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. He organized the tribal community to fight for the rights of water, forest, land and education. You were also made a member of the Rajya Sabha. Later, after retiring from active politics, he lived among the Bhil community and gave up his whole life for their overall upliftment. Even today, among the Bhil tribes, Mama Baleshwar Dayal is worshiped like a deity, her idols are installed in the village and her songs are sung.

This award was given to Dr. Rajaram Tripathi for the unique and exemplary work done by him for the last three decades in the field of forest medicine and organic farming for the upliftment of tribal communities in their lives. Born and brought up in Kakanar, a tribal forest village of Bastar, Rajaram had decided since childhood to do something for his motherland, BastarUltimately, despite refusing lakhs of friends and family, by kicking off the job of a high officer of a reputed bank, for the last three decades, continuously innovating in the cultivation of organic and herbal medicines among the tribals of Bastar, are engaged in making agriculture a profitable enterprise. Today lakhs of farmers have joined his work and majority of the youth have got his guidance and employment. Dr. Tripathi has been one of the few influential voices of the country who have consistently raised burning topics in the agriculture sector at various fora.


During the days of his college education, he, along with some integral friends, had also published a weekly newspaper “Bastar Today” of intense attitude, which soon closed due to lack of money, but his association with writing remained forever. It is never fulfilled by anyone. At present, Dr. Tripathi is the editor of “Kasaad”, a monthly magazine of tribal consciousness, art, culture and news published from Delhi. You are constantly writing in the country’s prestigious newspapers and magazines on the subjects of rural economics, agriculture, employment etc. Most of your poems are focused on the concerns of Bastar and are dedicated to Bastar. That is why you are called “Bastar Ka Sur Saptam” poet. You are a strong supporter of Bastar and Halbi, the local dialect of Bastar.

Speaking at the felicitation ceremony, Dr Tripathi said that the society, which calls itself civilized and developed, has continuously caused irreparable damage to the environment and nature and has brought mankind and the earth to the brink of destruction. We should learn from the tribal community of Bastar the lifestyle of balanced symbiosis with nature without harming the nature environment. For the right of freedom, equality and dignity for which women are still fighting in today’s civilized and developed society, women in the tribal community have got that equality, freedom and dignity automatically for centuries. The multidimensional traditional knowledge accumulated over centuries of these communities and a deep understanding of nature can show the right path to the rest of the world in today’s transition period.


Dr. Tripathi has dedicated this award to the soil of Bastar, his tribal friends, teachers, all family members, friends, well-wishers, all officials and employees of local administration, all media colleagues and all members of Maa Danteshwari Herbal Group and said that The hands that have received this award may be mineBut, this award actually belongs to Bastar itself, and is dedicated to Bastar itself.


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