Team of Senior Scientists of Coffee Board reached “Maa Danteshwari Herbal Farm”


“Coffee Board” Director of Government of India and team of senior scientists praised ” Maa Danteshwari Herbal Farms”

The country’s first “International Certified Organic” herbal farm is located in Kondagaon, Chhattisgarh.

Not even a gram of poisonous chemical fertilizers used in the fields for 25 years, yet they take bumper production, earning per acre is in lakhs,

People of Europe, America are also in praises about their unique “herbal tea” prepared from Bastaria herbs.

This “herbal tea”, which is automatically sweet without adding sugar, is helpful in fighting 12 incurable diseases including diabetes,

Scientists have appreciated the range of organic products of Bastaria brand “MD Botanical”, all the products are available in the online market.

Now from “Amazon” and their website, you can order pure products of rare herbs of Bastar online from home,

Coffee Board, Government of India, Ministry of Commerce, Director, Senior Scientists and a joint team of scientists of Horticulture University and Research Station reached “Maa Danteshwari Herbal Farm and Research Center” Chikalputi Kondagaon on Thursday.  In this team Dr. Surya Prakash Director Research, Advisory Coffee Board, Dr. Senthil, DRS Coffee Board, Mr. Basava Senior Liaison Officer, Mr. Upendra Kumar Senior Liaison Officer Orissa, Dr. K.P.  Singh, Scientist, Horticulture University Jagdalpur and Hemant Netam and Officers of Coconut Board Kondagaon were present.  The team was welcomed by Dr. Rajaram Tripathi, Founder, “Maa Danteshwari Herbal Group”.  The team of scientists was given a farm tour by Anurag Tripathi of Maa Danteshwari Herbal and President of Sampda Samaj Seva Sansthan, Jasmati Netam.

The team inspected the new variety Maa Danteshwari pepper- 16, the country’s highest yielding black pepper, at the plants of the Australia Teak and praised the quality of black pepper being produced in Bastar.  The scientific team also took stock of the project to develop a non-bitter variety of Stevia under the guidance of the country’s top research institute CSIR IHBT Palampur.  Maa Danteshwari, a new species of Stevia plant with 25 times sweeter leaves than the sugar developed here, tasted the leaves of Stevia-16 plants and also praised its sweetness.  Knowing that despite being 25 times sweeter than sugar, it gives almost zero calorie safe sweetness, that is, completely safe for diabetic patients,

Everyone expressed happiness.  Dr Tripathi said that in about 25 villages in Bastar division, cultivation of medicinal plants and black pepper is being done in collaboration with local tribal families.  This new species of black pepper is also flourishing well by climbing on the Sal trees of Bastar.  Once planted, this plant can give fruit for 50 years.  It is worth mentioning that “Maa Danteshwari Herbal Farm” has got the status of the country’s first certified organic herbal farm.  He started organic herbal farming in the year 1996-97 for international organic certification, and he got the international status of certified organic farm in 2000, 22 years ago from today.  Not even one gram of toxic chemical fertilizers has been applied in these fields for the last 25 years. Certified organic herbal food supplements, spices, black pepper and herbal products being prepared from herbs grown in Bastar were also presented to the team of scientists.  All these 100% organic products are processed, packaged and marketed under the brand name of “MD Botanicals” herbs grown by a group of tribal women of Bastar.

Apurva Tripathi, Head of Quality Control and Marketing of these products said that the quality, designing, packing, etc. of these products of Bastar have been patented and certified and they have been launched on the international online market “Amazon” and Flipkart. These various unique pure organic products of Bastar can be ordered directly from their website even sitting at home.  Apoorva, Promoter of Bastaria brand “MD Botanical” said that our “Herbal Tea” from Bastar has been highly appreciated in Europe America as well.  The specialty of this herbal tea is that there is no need to add sugar, this tea is sweet by itself, and this sweetness is zero calorie.  This tea surprisingly helps in controlling the sugar level of diabetic patients as well.  Apart from this, this “herbal tea” containing Bastaria herbs also helps in fighting about 12 incurable diseases.  Project head Dr. KP Singh, the architect of successful coffee cultivation in Bastar, while talking about the possibilities of expansion of coffee cultivation in Bastar division, said that with the cultivation of coffee to the farmers of organic and medicinal plants of Maa Danteshwari Herbal Group.  It would be nice to add that too.  At the end of the program, Apoorva Tripathi, head of Bastaria brand “MD Botanicals”, presented a packet of Bastar’s unique “herbal tea” to all the guests and explained its benefits and Dr. Tripathi presented the national monthly magazine on tribal concerns to the guests from Delhi.  Presented the latest June issue of “Kaksaad”.  Dr Tripathi is also the editor of this monthly magazine which is one of the first line of literary magazines of the country.  In this entire program, advisors of Maa Danteshwari Herbal Group, Shipra Tripathi, Krishna Kumar, Pateria, Balai Chakraborty, Ramesh Panda, Krishna Netam, Shankar Nag, Sukhdev Baghel etc. had major participation.


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