“MSP Guarantee Act” is indeed the right of farmers : Dr. Rajaram Tripathi

1st June 2022

Dr. Rajaram Tripathi, appointed as the Coordinator of Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh States.

Every farmer of the country needs “MSP Guarantee Act”,

There will not be a burden of even a single rupee on national treasure by giving the MSP to the farmers,

This will increase the income of the farmer, that money will come back to market, and the economy of the country will grow faster: Dr. Rajaram Tripathi.


“MSP Guarantee Kisan Morcha” meeting of the  State co-ordinators from across the country concluded at 3 pm yesterday in Delhi. In this meeting, the national convener of All India Farmers Alliance AIFA, Dr. Rajaram and State co-ordinators of 24 States of the country participated. In the meeting, Dr. Rajaram Tripathi said that the government should now understand that every farmer of the country  needs “MSP Guarantee Act”at any cost

In a national meeting held in the  office of the country’s senior farmer leader VM Singh, it was unanimously decided that it is very important to bring “Minimum Support Prices Guarantee Act” for the farmers of the country. Therefore, in order to create a nationwide awareness in farmers’ of each and every village of country about the need of MSP guarantee law, what will be benefit to each farmer from MSP and how it will not burden on government treasury. For this A letter should be sent to Hon’ble President and Hon’ble Prime Minister, for implementation of the “Guarantee Act of MSP”.It is clear that if the farmer will get a profit of Rs 10000 on 1 acre, then eventually that money will go back to the market itself and millions of crores will return back to markets, which will lead to a jump in GDP and the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s plan to make India a 5 trillion economy target will be accelerated. This is because the farmer spends all his money in the market immediately. After the recession of Corona, the MSP guarantee law will act as a panacea in improving the national economy. It was decided in the meeting that in the next one week, all the state coordinators of the country would be sent the details of methodology, so that they could bring awareness in each and every village, giving responsibility to all associated  farmer organizations in their respective states. In September, there will be visits of senior farmer leaders in the states where their visits have not taken place yet. On October 6, 7, 8, more than 250 farmers’ organizations of the country will participate in the village of Punjab Khor in Delhi. This will be a three-day conference, in which the next program will be decided to make the MSP guarantee law as soon as senior Farmer leader Raju Shetty from Maharashtra, Jalpurush Rajendra Singh, Dr. Rajaram Tripathi from Chhattisgarh, Senior farmer leader Rampal Jat from Rajasthan, Sanjay Kumar from Himachal Pradesh, Yawar Mir from Jammu and Kashmir, Sanjay Thakur from Jharkhand, Chhote Lal Srivastava from Bihar, Jagdish Reddy from Andhra Pradesh. , Palani Appan from Tamil Nadu, Sardul Singh from Gujarat,Jaswinder Singh Virk from Punjab, Jagbir Ghasola from Haryana, Avneet Panwar from Uttarakhand, Commander Shangpaling from Northeast, Alphond Barth, Atheena Chohai and senior farmer leader VM Singh, and many other farmer leaders from various parts of country were present.


Dr. Rajaram Tripathi 
Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh States 
MSP Guarantee Kisan Morcha






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