Dr. Rajaram Tripathi became the “Chief National Spokesperson” of “Parents Association of India” PAI


There will be a big reshuffle in the organization soon after reviewing the organizations of all the states: President SD Sharma- PAI

A draft committee will be constituted under the chairmanship of the retired judge: Dr. Sunil Kaushik, National General Secretary- PAI

Heavy exploitation of teachers of private schools is also a major reason for the declining level of education : Dr. Tripathi

The meeting of the National Executive of the Parents Association of India, “PAI” was held on Sunday at Hotel Radisson Delhi under the chairmanship of the organization head, President SD Sharma, in which many decisions were taken in the interest of the parents of the country. In the meeting, National President SD Sharma said that after reviewing the organization in all the states, a major reshuffle will be done in the organization soon. Taking initiative in this line, Dr. Rajaram Tripathi, known for his efficient leadership of many movements including the recent successful farmers’ movement of the country with a view to give momentum to the organization and making it a nationwide mission, was unanimously recognized as the “Chief National Spokesperson” of the organization. Chief Spokes Person) to be created was announced. Along with this, Manoj Pandit ji and Anirudh Sharma (National Spokes Person) have been named “National Spokespersons” to give their team more strength and edge at the regional and national level. Addressing the gathering, National President of the organization SD Sharma said that at present the level of education is deteriorating day by day.

“Parents Association of India” is badly affected by the increasing fees of private schools day by day, arbitrary cost of school and dress. National General Secretary Dr Sunil Kaushik said that soon a draft committee will be constituted under the chairmanship of a retired judge to resolve the situations which the National President has pointed out. Whatever the recommendation of the committee will be placed before the government for change with a big movement, The National Treasurer of the Institute, Shivkumar Mishra said that due to the increasing school fees and the arbitrary prices of school uniforms and books, today the parents of poor sections like laborers, rickshaw walas, hawkers and all the common citizens of middle income group are unable to educate their children. are feeling.

Dr. Rajaram Tripathi, in his first statement, emphasized that today not only the children and their parents but also the teachers there are suffering due to the arbitrariness of private schools. The association will have to work with the government on the main issues by discussing with parents organizations, teachers organizations at regional, national and international level to find a suitable solution. So that together we can give that environment so that the government, parents and teachers themselves feel responsible. In the program, Ajay Arora, National Vice President of the Institute, Ed. Pramod Kumar, Navneet Rana, OP Ratra, National Spokesperson Manoj Pandit Anirudh Sharma, National Co-Secretary Vishwavendra Kumar, Ed. Lalit Chahar, Kirti Rathi Sikaria, Swadesh Kumar, Gautam Pandit, National Executive Member DrManish Sharma, Ram Kumar Sharma, Kavita Mishra, Indresh Sharma, Ed. Anirudh Kush Sharma, Nakul Attri also addressed their views and meaningful suggestions, which were passed unanimously.


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