Asian Paints Latest Ad Featuring Deepika Padukone Shines The Spotlight On Royale Glitz


There is no denying the sheer radiance that Deepika Padukone brings into any room she walks in. But behold, there’s a new player in town that’s known for providing consumers with glitzy and glamourous interior walls that can instantly brighten up any room as well.

We’re talking about Asian Paint’s all-new Royale Glitz, a luxurious interior wall paint that is certain to up the glam quotient of your home. One of its main features it Ultra-Sheen that is designed to deliver a lush shiny feeling to walls that delivers best-in-class results once the luxury paint dries off.

And just like Deepika Padukone with her poise and elegance, you know you’ve got something special in your hands, or on your walls in this case. Here’s everything you need to know about Royale Glitz from Asian Paints.


Royale Glitz is a luxury interior paint that adds a distinct quotient of glamour and luxury to consumer homes. It is a confluence of décor and performance world, thus inviting everyone to experience Luxury with Teflon™. This is made possible by a few stunning features that work in tandem to deliver a stunning result on consumers’ walls. 

Ultra-Sheen – The ultra-sheen of the new Royale Glitz is specifically designed to give the walls a rich and shiny finish that immediately makes a statement. Offering the best-in-class luxurious shiny finish, it will undoubtedly #StealYourSpotlight. 

Stain Repellant – The paint offers strong performance against stains and offers ease of cleaning. Additionally, the use of Teflon™ Surface Protector in the paint ensures stains on the walls wipe off easily.

Royale Designer Palette – Royale Glitz offers designer shades under Royale Designer Palette that have been exclusively curated by the best design minds and give a luxurious sophisticated look to consumer homes. The shades are inspired by the heartland story of India and carry names that reflect Indian culture. Chutney green, Calcutta rains, Coromandel Indigo are just some of the enchanting shades to name a few.

That’s not all. Royale Glitz also offers a strong shade selection tool with the help of Royale Book Of Colours that contains over 100 refreshing shade combinations to select from. These are segregated on the basis of moods and showcases refreshing wall textures. 


To celebrate the vibrancy and sophistication of Royale Glitz, Asian Paints brought in brand ambassador Deepika Padukone for an ultra-glam photo shoot against the backdrop of Royale Glitz walls. 

With a modern rendition of the classic song Baar Baar Dekho playing in the background and tongue-in-cheek humour, the ad shows how the new paint steals the spotlight from Deepika who is visibly bemused. 

Watch the TVC here and enjoy the quirky communication.

To know more please visit Asian Paints – Royale Glitz.

This article has been created by Studio 18 Team for Asian Paints

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