When Neena Gupta told Masaba that her father Vivian Richards wasn’t a ‘family man’


When Neena Gupta told Masaba that her father Vivian Richards wasn't a 'family man'

When Neena Gupta told Masaba that her father Vivian Richards wasn’t a ‘family man’

Veteran actress Neena Gupta has always been very candid about her life. She has been a single mother and raised daughter Masaba Gupta beautifully in spite of going through endless hardships. In an old interview, Neena had talked about Masaba’s father, West Indies cricketer Vivian Richards’ presence in their daughter’s life. She revealed that when she told Masaba that Vivian wasn’t a ‘family man,’ she used to get upset earlier.

Neena Gupta had said, “I told her how her father is not a family man and how he was like this and this. In the beginning, she would feel bad that Vivian was not in touch with her till the age of about 20, but then he got in touch. His problem also is that he is not net savvy and so, it is very difficult to get in touch with him.”

She added, “Sometimes, he would call her on her birthday and sometimes, he would not call for even three years. Sometimes, he would come here and meet and sometimes not. By then, I knew him and how he was. If I told him I needed something, he would go mad finding it to bring it for me, but on his own, he would not bring anything. He is a person who cannot express his emotions.”

While Neena and Vivian lived separately, the veteran actress always admired him even when Vivian and Neena went five years without speaking to each other. She had shared, “I was in Jaipur watching a match in which he was playing. They lost the match by a run and as a captain, I saw him almost crying and I liked that about him. He is a very nice guy, down-to-earth, disciplined, but you can expect only that much from him. I feel that God gave me my father instead of him.”

Neena recently released her memoir titled Sach Kahu Toh. The autobiography is an honest tell-all tale about Neena’s life, chronicling her professional highs and personal lows. In the book, she talked about her relationships and how she gave birth to Masaba. In the book, she talked about giving birth to Masaba and raising her as a single mother when she did not have any money or work.

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