Ask SRK: Fan asks Shah Rukh Khan when he’ll release his upcoming film, here’s what actor said


Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan 

Friday has been a treat for all Shah Rukh Khan fans. The actor who completes his 29 years in the film industry took to Twitter to thanks fans for their overwhelming love to the actor and his films in these past years. He shared a thank you note for them and later, he conducted a ‘Ask SRK’ session to answer fan questions. 

The first query he took up was of a fan asking, “When your upcoming film gets released?” In response, the actor said, “Right now with the situation I think it’s prudent to make film release schedules with a bit of patience.” The question comes at a time, when fans have been eagerly waiting to get an update about his upcoming film, Pathan. 

Another asked if there’s an announcement in near future. “Loudspeakers make announcement….I will gently allow my films to enter your hearts….soon,” he tweeted.

“Are you doing a film with Rajkumar Hirani?” quipped another fan. Keeping up with his wit and and humour, SRK said, “Just going to call him and request him….he sleeps late!!”

He also informed that “some Masaledar movies” are being prepared by Red Chillis. 

Fans understand that releasing a film during the pandemic is difficult and hence one user asked if Shah Rukh can release a video song for them. Responding to it, the actor assured him that there are multiple films lined up for his fans. 

When a user asked him about his health, SRK said, “Not as amazing as John Abraham but holding my own…ha ha.”

Here’re other queries from Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Ask Srk’ session:

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