Move on Moms, Dad Bloggers are Taking Over the Internet Now


When it comes to blogging about parenthood and its challenges, it is usually the mother who takes centre-stage as the primary caregiver of the kids. Several mommy bloggers have become popular on platforms like YouTube and Instagram with their relatable content. But if mothers can do this, why would dads be left behind?

Meet some of the most popular fathers in India and abroad who are gaining popularity by sharing their experiences in parenting. Through vlogs, Instagram or written blogs, their relatable content is bringing them a dedicated audience and much fame on the internet.

Ramneek Singh: For Ramneek Singh’s family of five, life has changed for the good ever since they began making videos. The Delhi-based businessman has nearly 2 million followers on YouTube and over 3 million on MXTakatak. His wife and three kids are all involved in making the videos. He says the primary reason for making content was to put forth messages related to good parenting.

“As parents, we face a lot of challenges in bringing up our kids, so the ideation of our content begins from there. We have a particular type of audience so we plan our content accordingly. We want our videos to carry a message which they will relate to. It is quite difficult to take time out for this alongside our business. My wife has to manage the household, the kids have online classes. But our hearts are in it. Also, ever since we started making videos, we spend more time together as a family. That’s a major change in our lives,” says Ramneek.

Sidharth Balachandran: A sense of humour while putting across your thoughts it very important if you want to keep your content interesting. London-based Sidharth Balachandran follows the more traditional form of blogging – writing – and serves his thoughts with a pinch of humour. His pinned tweet says, “I’m making it easier for my kid to discover everything I’ve said about him so that he can kick me when he grows up.” His blog page greets people with this message, “I’m Sid, the human behind some of the stories and parenting escapades that you’ll read on the blog today. In real life, you’ll probably find me jumping over high-rise LEGO towers, picking out suspicious food particles from the sides of the couch and dodging existential questions that my 8-year-old throws at me. And of course, that’s when I’m not masquerading through the day as a content manager.”

The Dad Lab: UK-based Sergei is a full-time dad to two adorable boys, Alex and Max. “We love creative play, educational fun activities, experiments, easy-to-make crafts. We love experimenting with the coolest science activities, fun educational toys, building sets, wooden toys, activity books and creative paper crafts,” he says in his description. With over 3 million subscribers on YouTube, it is a great channel to follow if you want to spend time with your kids more innovatively.

Durjoy Datta: Besides being a novelist and an entrepreneur, Durjoy is also a proud father of a daughter. While he is known for his romantic novels like ‘Of course I love you!’ and ‘She broke up, I didn’t!’, Durjoy is also gaining followers with his funny posts as a father on Instagram. The father-daughter duo are seen playing dress-up, they paint each other’s faces and wear matching outfits. The writer’s Instagram feed is full of quirky captions and adorable photos of him with his daughter and niece. He has also been uploading daily vlogs sharing lockdown moments with his family, which friends and fans patiently look forward to watching.

Doyin Richards: He is a dynamic keynote speaker, best-selling author, anti-racism facilitator, TEDx speaker, Slate Columnist, mental health advocate, and also a father who posts funny dad content on Instagram. Richards runs runs the ‘Daddy Doin’ Work’ blog and is also the author of the book ‘Daddy Doin’ Work: Empowering Mothers to Evolve Fatherhood.’ A married father of two girls, Richards said he wanted to celebrate great dads and what it means to be an involved father.

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