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About Us


NewsRepublic24 News is created by author and blogger. Its main purpose is. Getting the most accurate information first and fastest news reader. Through this news website, many expert writers work tirelessly day and night to reach Fresh News to the people. The main objective of NewsRepublic24 is to make your readers a loyal base of viewers watching online news on computer, laptop or mobile. We are committed to providing the fastest and most accurate news by covering national, international, education, travel, technology, politics, funny news, business news, sports news, lifestyle news, etc.

Newsrepublic24 story.
At the time of planning of this website, its owner Yogesh Yadav and other assistant writers were quite certain as to why this news website was created. Social Media News & Technology, User satisfaction is our priority. Newsrepublic24 aims to provide users with information that helps them in daily life, as well as content that provides entertainment and satisfies the desire to read.

On this website you will get all types of latest news and information –
Entertainment News
web series
Technology news

Yogesh Yadav (Owner) of

Yogesh Yadav is a successful news writer. Owner and Content Strategy Head of He started his blogging career in 2020 and has created many successful blogs till now.

Amol Yadav is Writer of
Amol Yadav has always been involved in the world of politics. He has been writing about politics news for the last 3 years, but he has been interested in politics for years before that. He likes to know a politician, know about his interests and write about them, that is why he is working in the politics category on and the audience finds his written words quite creative.

Ankush Kumar is very fond of business. That’s why he has the business category of Newsrepublic24. It is their responsibility to write all the business related content. I have been doing content writing for the last 3 years. And have been associated with Newsrepublic24 since last year.

Shankar Singh, Writer:
Shankar Singh’s hobby turned towards Bollywood and blogging while studying in Polytechnic, but he did not get the idea himself. But since last one year he has been writing about movies, web series and latest Bollywood. That’s why he has been given the responsibility of Bollywood special news on who is fulfilling his responsibilities

Note:- Newsrepublic24 is an expired domain. Which I (Yogesh Yadav) have owned in my name on 18 March 2024. Before me, this domain ( was owned by some unknown person but on March 18, 2024, I have claimed it as a free domain with WordPress hosting plan. And now is owned by Yogesh Yadav. That’s why the owner of is Yogesh Yadav. Thank you.